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PROAQUA® TRIO is a multifunctional water conditioner with adjuvant properties. It neutralizes the negative properties of hard water, lowers the pH of the solution and reduces the surface tension of solution.

The quality of water used in agriculture depends on its source. The water may be too hard and may have an improper pH. The use of untreated water makes performing the agricultural treatments more copmplicated, due to the limited possibility of combined use of agrochemicals, the formation of deposits and the high surface tension.

The result of using water with improper physicochemical parameters is lower effectiveness of the applied foliar fertilizers and plant protection products.

PROAQUA® TRIO improves the physicochemical properties of hard water. It neutralizes the negative properties of hard water and lowers its pH, improving the miscibility and stability of the working solution. PROAQUA® TRIO reduces the surface tension of the solution ensuring better coverage of plant surface and greater efficacy of foliar treatments.

The innovative two-phase formula of PROAQUA® TRIO ensures comprehensive and effective improvement of the key properties of water.

PROAQUA® TRIO - complex solution:

intermag proaqua

The quality of the water is very important for the success of the cultivation:

The main problems related to the quality of water used in farms are its hardness and incorrect pH.

Efektywność intermag PROAQUA

Poor quality of water used in the agrochemical treatments causes:

Efektywność intermag PROAQUA


odpornośc roslin


odpornośc roslin

PROAQUA® TRIO effectively improves the properties of water:

obniża twardość wody
obniża ph
obniża napięcie powierzchniowe


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